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Arizona State Hospital

Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB)

The Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB) was legislatively established in 1993, effective January 2, 1994. The PSRB maintains jurisdiction over individuals who have committed a violent or dangerous criminal offense and are determined to be guilty except insane. Persons who are placed under the jurisdiction of the PSRB are committed to a secure state mental health facility.

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The PSRB maintains all medical, social, and criminal history records for individuals within the Board's jurisdiction; holds hearings to determine eligibility for conditional release; and determines whether any conditions of a person's release should be continued, modified, or terminated. Under current law, if a person confined to a secure state mental health facility under the jurisdiction of the PSRB proves by clear and convincing evidence that he no longer suffers from a mental disease or defect, is not dangerous and does not have a propensity to re-offend, the PSRB must order the person's release.

At any hearing before the PSRB where it is considering the release or conditional release of a person under its jurisdiction public safety and protection are the primary concern.


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