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Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

School Resources

Be "Wise & Ready"

Community preparedness is the ability of communities to prepare for, withstand, and recover - in both short and long terms - from disasters, and emergency incidents that impact the health of the public. This includes the engagement and participation in preparedness activities that works to build shared capabilities across the whole community. For Schools this means children and families, teachers and administrators. Promoting awareness on how to prevent, respond to, and recover from a public health incident that may occur in your community or involve impacts from incidents that may have occurred in distant communities.

This resource page will help you be better prepared for an emergency, promote an awareness of and access to medical and mental/behavioral health to protect the community's health and address functional and access needs.

Before a disaster strikes prepare together as a school as a community to be "Wise and Ready".


Children comprise more than 25% of the population. At the end of the 20th century, 66.5 million children were affected by disaster. Youth bring strengths to preparedness. Children are positive influencers, they become leaders, and more prepared children are more confident during an actual emergency.

  • Sesame Street "Let's Get Ready!" Planning together for Emergencies
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) new preparedness resource for children featuring easy to follow games, stories, and activities to educate both kids and parents on the importance of being prepared promoting "Ready Wrigley" the Preparedness Super dog.
  • Children with pets can help prepare their animals for an emergency, The Humane Society "Make a Disaster Plan for Your Pets"
  • FEMA Kids Preparedness Games and Information "Be a Hero-Kids"
  • FEMA Preparedness resources for Children in Español "Listo Niño's"