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ADHS Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System

Graph Gallery

The Bureau of EMS and Trauma System has developed the following group of slides as a service to the public and the EMS community we serve. During the year, different facts & figures will be presented which represent trauma data collected and regulatory activity.

Statewide EMS

  • Air Ambulances in Arizona
  • EMCTs in Arizona
Air Ambulances in Arizona

There are seventy air ambulances registered to provide care and transport within Arizona, the majority of them helicopters. Air ambulance coverage areas often span large, multi-regional areas, and therefore cannot be broken down by region.

Emergency Medical Car Technicians in Arizona

There are a total of 19,428 Emergency Medical Care Technicians certified in Arizona. Three percent of EMT-Basics spent 2.6 years as Basics and then re-certified as Intermediates. Of the 12,901 EMS providers certified at the EMT-Basic level, approximately 32% (4,088) of them have transitioned to the new, nationally approved level of EMT. Intermediate and Advanced EMT levels are not recognized in the state.

Data Source: 2012 BEMSTS Ambulance Program.