Office of Vital Records

Amend a Birth Certificate After Adoption

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Children born in the State of Arizona and adopted in Arizona or another state

Adoption is a process completed by a court of competent jurisdiction. The Office of Vital Records is responsible for amending the birth certificate after an adoption has been finalized. By the tenth day of the month, all adoptions finalized in the preceding month, shall be forwarded by the court to the State Office of Vital Records for the birth certificate to be amended to reflect the adoptive information (A.R.S. § 36-336). If the court does not send the information to the Office of Vital Records, the adoptive parent can submit a certified copy of the adoption decree and the Adoption WorksheetPDF to amend the birth certificate.

When the birth certificate is amended after an adoption, the new birth certificate shall state the city or county of birth stated on the original birth certificate and the date of birth stated on the original birth certificate. The Office of Vital Records may omit the exact location of the birth on the registered birth certificate if so stated in the court order. (A.R.S. § 36-337.E)

After the Office of Vital Records amends the birth certificate, the original birth certificate shall be sealed along with the evidentiary documents (court order, adoption certificate) provided to amend the birth certificate. The sealed record cannot be opened.

If the Office of Vital Records receives a court order annulling an adoption, the Office of Vital Records will unseal the original birth certificate and shall return the original birth certificate to the “active” birth registry.

A fee is charged for this service and includes one certified copy of the new birth certificate.  Additional copies may also be requested.  Please see Fee Schedule.

Children born in another state and adopted in Arizona

When the Office of Vital Records receives an adoption, a court order for adoption, a change to a court order for adoption or an annulment of an adoption for a person born in another state, the documents along with a cover letter will be mailed to the appropriate registration authority in the state where the person was born. The adoptive parents will receive a copy of the letter as well.