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Regional Behavioral Health Authority - Greater Arizona

Exhibit 7

ADHS/DBHS Documents
Form No. Description File Type
7.1 Accounting and Auditing Procedures Manual PDF
7.1.1 Accounting and Auditing - Exhibits 1-10 ZIP
7.2 Annual Effectiveness Review of the Cultural Competency Plan FFY 2012-2013 Template Word
7.3 Annual Training Plan FFY 2013-2014 Template Word
7.4 Bureau of Corporate Compliance Operations and Procedures Manual PDF
7.5 Bureau of Quality and Integration Specifications Manual PDF
7.5.1 Bureau of Quality and Integration Reporting Templates ZIP
7.6 Center for Mental Health Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PDF
7.7 Client Information System File Layouts and Specification Manual ZIP
7.8 Covered Behavioral Health Services Guide PDF
7.9 Cultural Competency Plan FFY 2013-2014 Narrative Template Word
7.10 Cultural Competency Plan FFY 2013-2014 Work Plan Initiatives Template Word
7.11 Cultural Competency Plan FFY 2013-2014 Evaluation Template Word
7.12 Cultural Competency Quarter Report Template FFY 2014 Word
7.13 Cultural Competency Quarter Update Report FFY 2014 Excel
7.14 Demographic and Outcomes Data Set User Guide PDF
7.15 Financial Reporting Guide for Greater Arizona PDF
7.15.1 Appendix A-I ZIP
7.16 Housing Desktop Manual PDF
7.17 Member Handbook Template PDF
7.18 Behavioral Health Drug List PDF
7.19 Medical Management Plan Utilization Work Plan Evaluation 2013 Word
7.20 Medical Management-Utilization Management Work Plan, FY 2014 Word
7.21 Medical Management Utilization Management Plan 2014 Word
7.22 Network Development and Management Plan Checklist Word
7.23 Office of Program Support Operations and Procedures Manual PDF
7.24 Office of Grievance and Appeals Docket Tracking Application User's Guide PDF
7.25 Policy and Procedures Manual PDF
7.25.1 Policy and Procedures Section 8 Attachment and Forms ZIP
7.26 Quality Management Program Evaluation, Work Plan, and Checklist PDF
7.27 Quality Management Plan FY 2014 Word
7.28 System of Care Plan FY 2014 Word
7.29 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Community Mental Health Block Grant Application FY 2014 (MHBG) PDF
7.30 Strategic Prevention Framework Model  
AHCCCS Documents
Form No. Description File Type
7.31 HIPAA Transaction Companion Guides & Trading Partner Agreements  
7.31.1 270-271 Batch Eligibility Request and Response Guide PDF
7.31.2 277 Unsolicited Encounter Status Companion Guide PDF
7.31.3 276-277 Batch Eligibility Request and Response Companion Guide PDF
7.31.4 837 Counter Companion Guide PDF
7.31.5 834-820 Enrollment and Capitation Companion Guide PDF
7.31.6 IT Guidance Document Supplemental Websites Word
7.32 Approved EPSDT Tracking Form PDF
7.33 Claims Dashboard Reporting Guide PDF
7.33.1 Claims System Reporting Dashboard Template Excel
7.33.2 Claims System Reporting Dashboard Cover Letter Word
7.34 Contractor Operations Manual Zip
7.35 Dual Eligible Drug List Non-Behavioral PDF
7.36 Drug List Non-Behavioral PDF
7.37 Encounter Manual Zip
7.38 Encounter Validation Technical Assistance Document PDF
7.39 Enroll Rate Codes PDF
7.40 Fee for Service Provider Manual Zip
7.41 Grievance System Reporting Guide PDF
7.41.1 Grievance System Reporting Guide Attachments Excel
7.41.2 Grievance System Report Cover Letter Word
7.42 Medical and Policy Manual ZIP
7.43 Minimum Required Prescription Drug List PDF
7.44 NCPDP Post Adjudicated History Transaction Guide PDF
7.45 Program Integrity Reporting Guide PDF
7.46 Provider Affiliation Transmission Manual PDF
7.47 Financial Reporting Guide Acute Care Contractors PDF
7.47.1 Appendix Financial Reporting Instructions Excel
7.47.2 Appendix FQHC-RHC Member Months Excel
7.47.3 Mapping Matrix Word
7.47.4 Medicare SNP Template Excel
7.47.5 Appendix G - Related Party Transactions Excel
Interagency Service Agreements
Form No. Description File Type
7.48 ADHS and AHCCCS HS832007 PDF
7.49 ADHS and ADOC 100063DC PDF
7.50 ADHS and ADOH HS832423 PDF
7.51 ADHS and ADOH HS032035 PDF
7.52 ADHS and ADOH 132006 PDF
7.53 ADHS and ADE 14-14ED PDF
7.54 ADHS and ASAP HS432015 PDF
Intergovernmental Agreements
Form No. Description File Type
7.55 ADHS and ADES-RSA HG232026 PDF
7.56 ADHS and Pima County Health Department HG932279 PDF
7.57 ADHS and University of Arizona 059652 PDF
7.58 ADHS and University of Arizona 059974 PDF
7.59 ADHS and Gila River Tribe HG132090 PDF
7.60 ADHS and Pascua Yaqui Tribe HG132079 PDF
Clinical Guidance Documents
Form No. Description File Type
7.61 Children's Out of Home Services PDF
7.62 Family and Youth Involvement in the Children's Behavioral Health System PDF
7.63 Support and Rehabilitation Services for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults PDF
7.64 The Child and Family Team PDF
7.65 The Unique Behavioral Health Service Needs of Children, Youth and Families Involved with CPS PDF
7.66 Youth Involvement in the Arizona Behavioral Health System PDF
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