Suicides by Firearms and other Means among Adolescents in Arizona and the U.S., 1987-1993


Number of suicides per 100,000 persons 15-19 years old

Among all age groups, firearms accounted for 66.6 percent of suicide deaths in 1995. Male suicides used firearms more frequently (71.5 percent) than female suicides (48.7 percent). American Indian suicide victims were more likely to die from hanging or strangulation (56.1 percent), than to use firearms (36.6 percent).

The use of firearms accounted for the majority of the increase in youthful suicides. The firearm suicide rate for Arizonans aged 15 to 19 increased from 12.8/100,000 in 1987 to 18.0/100,000 in 1993. Over the same period of time, the annual suicide rates for this age group by all methods other than firerams have not exceeded 7.1/100,000.

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