III. Characteristics of American Indian Newborns and Mothers Giving Birth by Place of Residence in Arizona in 1997

Sociodemographic Characteristics

3.1. Maternal Age

3.2. Educational Attainment of Mother

3.3. Marital Status of Mother

3.4. Race/Ethnicity of Father

3.5. Age of Father

3.6. Source of Payment for Labor and Delivery

Maternal Lifestyle and Health Characteristics

3.7. Maternal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

3.8. Medical Risk Factors of Pregnancy

3.9. Substance Use During Pregnancy

Utilization of Medical Services

3.10. Trimester of Pregnancy Prenatal Care Began

3.11. Number of Prenatal Visits

3.12. Obstetric Procedures

3.13. Complications of Labor and Delivery

3.14. Method of Delivery

3.15. Attendant at Birth

Newborn's Health

3.16. Gestational Age

3.17. Weight at Birth

3.18. Abnormal Conditions of the Newborn

3.19. Congenital Anomalies (Birth Defects)

3.20. Causes of Infant Death and Infant Mortality Rates