II. An Overview of Selected Health Problems and Health Risks Among American Indians and All Residents of Arizona in 1997

2.1. Causes From Which American Indians Were More Likely Or Less Likely to Die Relative to All Arizona Residents in 1997

2.2. Average Age At Death From All Causes Among American Indians and All Arizona Residents

2.3. Non-marital Births

2.4. Low-Birthweight Births

2.5. The Incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

2.6. Births to Teenage Mothers

2.7. Low-Birthweight Births to Mothers 30 Years or Older as a Percentage of All Low-Birthweight Births

2.8. The Incidence of Pregnancy Associated Hypertension

2.9. The Incidence of Anemia During Pregnancy

2.10.The Incidence of Diabetes During Pregnancy