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Hospital and Patient Statistics

CMS Payment Data

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This searchable tool provides hospital level information on number of discharges, average charges and average Medicare payments for the Top 100 Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs) nationwide.

A Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) is a number assigned to each Medicare claim and used for determining the amount that Medicare will pay for the services provided. A special software program evaluates each patient record for diagnoses, procedures, age, sex, discharge status, complications and related conditions in order to assign the DRG for that patient visit. DRGs are useful for various comparative purposes because patients with the same DRG have similar characteristics, conditions and procedures.

Visit the CMS Payment Data website and browse the information using one of the following three methods corresponding to the red dots on the sample page below:

  1. Search for specific information using keywords such as a city, zip, hospital name, or state abbreviation AZ;
  2. Choose one of the colored tabs in the upper right corner of the site to filter data or change page views; or
  3. Hover your mouse over any row or column heading, then click on the red arrows that appear for term definitions and additional sorting options.
Navigate the CMS Payment Data website