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SunWise Skin Cancer Prevention School Program

2012 Contests

Joseph's video
Joseph's YouTube Video

2012 Video Contest

Joseph Cereska, a 7th-grade student at Explorer Middle School in Phoenix, is the winner of this year's "When You're Active Outside, Be SunWise" Video Contest. As the winner, Joseph will receive a $1000 cash prize from contest co-sponsors the Maricopa County Medical Society Alliance and the Arizona chapter of the American Medical Association Alliance. Joseph's video received 1,707 views. Judging was based 75% on content and 25% on number of views (hits).

Joseph's teacher Frank Boteilho encouraged him to participate. In just two years since the contest began, more than 50 students have submitted videos, logging more than 7000 views or "hits" to spread the SunWise message and the importance of protecting skin from sunburn.

2012 Poster Contest

Play Sun Smart Poster Contest Winner Aksel Laudon, 6th Grade, Kyrene Centennial Middle School

Be SunWise and Play Sun Smart Poster Contest Winners

The 2012 "Be SunWise and Play Sun Smart" poster-drawing contest winner Aksel Laudon and his teacher Jeffrey Garrett received on-field awards, game tickets and Jumbotron coverage at the June 5 Arizona Diamondbacks game.

The Dbacks chose Aksel's poster from over 7,000 student entries from across the state. Aksel is a 6th-grade student at Kyrene Centennial School in Phoenix. There were also 50 semi-finalists.PDF and all 7,000 students who entered the contest received a personalized certificate of recognition autographed by D. Baxter the Bobcat.

Aksel's poster will be turned into 10,000 professional posters and become the official campaign poster for the Arizona SunWise Program.