Arizona Cancer Registry


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The Arizona Cancer Registry is a population-based surveillance system that collects, manages and analyzes information on the incidence, survival and mortality of persons having been diagnosed with cancer. The Arizona Cancer Registry began collecting cancer case information in 1981. Initially, reporting by hospitals was voluntary. In 1988, an amendment mandating cancer case reporting was made to Arizona Revised Statute ยง36-133. Pursuant to the changes in the law, rules detailing how and when cases need to be reported become effective in 1992. The rules require that hospitals, clinics, physicians, dentists, registered nurse practitioners, and doctors of naturopathic medicine report cases (Arizona Administrative Code Title 9, Chapter 4).

Purposes of the Registry

  • To monitor cancer incidence patterns
  • To promote and assist hospital cancer registries
  • To improve and maintain standards for the quality of information gathered relating to the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of persons diagnosed with cancer
  • To identify population subgroups at high risk for cancer that need intervention programs or epidemiologic research, detection and prevention
  • To perform epidemiologic studies, and to provide biostatistic and epidemiologic information to the medical community

Services Available from the Registry

The Arizona Cancer Registry has data available describing cancer in Arizona using a variety of descriptors, including site of origin, age, sex, race, ethnicity, geographic area, and year of diagnosis. Strict confidentiality safeguards require that data be reported only in aggregate; no individual can be identified from a data report. You may access the online query system (IBIS) at Cancer Data Query System.

If you wish to request additional data, you must first complete the Public Records Request FormWord. For questions contact the Data Section or by telephone at (602) 542-7328.

Meaningful Use for Cancer Reporting to the Arizona Department of Health Services