Arizona Birth Defects Monitoring Program

Data Sources

Hospitals: Information from the following data sources are reviewed by the Arizona Birth Defects Monitoring Program (ABDMP) staff:
  • Disease/Diagnosis Index
  • Labor and Delivery log
  • Nursery log
  • Newborn Intensive Care Unit log
  • Pediatric log
  • Pediatric Intensive Care log
  • Stillborn log
  • Pathology/Autopsy log
  • Ultrasound Reports
  • Cyto-genetic Reports
Hospital Discharge Database: The Hospital Discharge Database contains records of hospital discharges from all reporting hospitals of any size in Arizona, except for federal hospitals. Hospital discharges of infants and children with ICD-9-CM codes of reportable birth defects are identified and sorted by hospital and birth date. This listing serves as an enumeration of potential cases of infants with a reportable birth defect whose records need to be abstracted. This list is sent to the medical facility for conversion into medical record numbers and patient names which are compared with the list generated from the hospital disease/diagnosis index.
Genetic Centers: There are two clinical genetic centers in the state. Each genetic center maintains records on abnormal amniocentesis, postnatal cytogenetic results, and dysmorphology conditions. Potential cases are identified and abstracted by the ABDMP staff.
Children Rehabilitation Services (CRS): There are four CRS offices in Arizona.  Their records contain follow-up visits, specialist consultations, and tests and procedures which confirm or deny the conditions diagnosed with uncertainty from the hospitals. They also show the progress of the defects and their treatments. The ABDMP staff abstract the records of children whose diagnostic codes fall within the ABDMP case definition criteria and match the abstracts on CRS records with the corresponding abstracts from the hospitals for accuracy and completeness.
Vital Records: Data from the birth, death, and fetal death certificates files are used for several purposes: to identify potential cases of infants with ICD-9 codes corresponding to the ABDMP case definition; to obtain additional information for cases in the registry which were not available in other sources; i.e., mother's maiden name and address; and to ascertain the completeness of the cases in the registry of Arizona infants with a reportable birth defect.