Arizona Birth Defects Monitoring Program

Case Definitions

The following are the criteria for inclusion in the Arizona Birth Defects Monitoring Program ABDMP) case file:

  • The mother's place of residence at the time of birth must be in Arizona.

  • The child must have a structural, genetic, or biochemical birth defect; or other specified birth outcome that can adversely affect an infant's health and development (most, but not all, are listed in ICD-9-CM 740.0-759.9).

  • The defect must be diagnosed within the first year of life.

  • The fetus/infant must be at least 20 weeks gestational age, 500 grams birth weight, or both. Stillborn infants are included if they have a reportable birth defect.

  • The date of birth (or delivery for stillbirths) is on or after January 1, 1986.

Codes used by ABDMP is a table of birth defects collected by the ABDMP that includes the major congenital anomalies reported by the International Clearing House for Birth Defects Monitoring Systems. These birth defects codes are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Metropolitan Atlanta Congenital Defect Program, and by the British Pediatric Association.