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Enhanced Dental Teams

EDT Toolkit #2: Provider Training

In this toolkit you will find training modules for teledentistry and affiliated practice, information on teledentistry equipment and resources.

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Presentation Materials

The PowerPoint presentations below provide background information for providers on children's oral health.

Training Programs

The Office of Oral Health has developed two Continuing Education (CE) training modules.

  • Track 1 Training Modules: Basic Introduction on Teledentistry and Affiliated Practice
  • Track 2 Training Modules: Developing a Teledentistry and/or Affiliated Practice

Teledentistry Equipment

As technology continues to improve, teledentistry equipment continues to get smaller, lighter and more capable. The exact set up needs will vary by partnership but here is a sample list of equipment needs:

  • Troubleshooting/FAQ guide for teledentistry equipment

Teledentistry Resources

Telemedicine Resources

Telehealth Resources

Oral Health Resources for Training and Presentation