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Bureau of Women's and Children's Health

Title V Block Grant

Title V of the Social Security Act is the longest-standing public health legislation in America. Over the past 75 years Title V programs have provided the infrastructure that has led to big health improvements among our most vulnerable citizens. The primary goals are to:

  1. Reduce infant mortality and disabilities;
  2. Increase immunization rates;
  3. Increase the number of kids in low-income households that get assessments and follow-up diagnostic and treatment services; and
  4. Ensure access to comprehensive perinatal care for women;
  5. Ensure preventative and comprehensive care (including long-term care services) for kids with special health care needs;
  6. Enhance rehabilitation services for blind and disabled children under 16 years of age who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income; and
  7. Facilitate the development of comprehensive, family-centered, community-based, culturally competent, coordinated systems of care for kids with special healthcare needs.

In 2008, the program received the highest rating possible on the White House Office of Management & Budget's Performance Assessment Rating Tool demonstrating efficiency and effectiveness.