Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Program


2012 Arizona Vector Control Workshop

April 19, 2012 8AM-5PM
Palo Verde Holiday Inn, Tucson, AZ

The 2012 Vector Control Conference & Workshop featured local experts covering vector control topics. The objective was to gather agencies involved in vector control and research to generate discussion and exchange of information valuable for improving and expanding vector control measures in the state of Arizona.

  1. Introduction - Glenda Aguirre (moderator), Pima County Health Department
  2. Workshop, Part 1 - Babs Johnson, Pima County Health Department
  3. Kissing Bugs in Southern Arizona: Health Risks and Control - Carolina E. Reisenman, University of Arizona
  4. So do we have a Bed Bug crisis and what are we doing about it? - Paul Baker, University of Arizona
  5. Efforts to enhance Public Health Surveillance for the Emerging Vector-borne Disease Threat of Dengue, in the Arizona Border Region - Orion McCotter, Arizona Department of Health Services
  6. Tick Control on The Tohono O'odham Nation - Eva Ybarra and Delsen Liston, Tohono O'Odham Nation
  7. Vector-Borne Disease Highlights from the 2012 International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases - Craig Levy, Maricopa County Department of Public Health
  8. 2011 Arizona Zoonotic Diseases Update - Selam Tecle, Arizona Department of Health Services
  9. 2011 Arizona Mosquito-Borne Diseases Update - Mike Fink, Arizona Department of Health Services
  10. Mosquito Diversity and the Arizona Landscape - Frank Ramberg, University of Arizona
  11. Sweetwater Wetlands: Facilities Modifications to Reduce Mosquito Habitat - Bruce Prior, Tucson Water
  12. Overview of Maricopa County's Vector Control Program - John Townsend, Maricopa County Environmental Services
  13. Implementing Gila Topminnow as Vector Control in a County Program - Jeff Terrell, Pima County Health Department, Doug Duncan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, & Ross Timmons, Arizona Game and Fish
  14. West Nile Virus Disease: Associations with Immune Decline in People - Anne Wertheimer, University of Arizona
  15. Workshop, Part 2 - Babs Johnson, Pima County Health Department

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise inidcated.

Please contact Glenda Aguirre or Christine Wampler if you have any questions.