Office of Infectious Disease Services

2013 Infectious Disease Training & Exercise

When: July 23-25, 2013

This 3-day infectious disease training and exercise introduced participants to a variety of topics in infectious disease including: vaccine preventable diseases; nosocomial infections; tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases; vector-borne and zoonotic diseases; food-borne diseases; and information on outbreaks and investigations. Participants obtained the most current infectious disease information and had the opportunity to interface with a variety of partners including federal, state and local health, infection control practitioners, public and community health nurses, health educators, epidemiologists, sanitarians, correctional facility representatives, animal control agencies, preparedness coordinators, laboratorians, border health counterparts, and university faculty and students. Sessions were led by experts in the field of infectious disease with emphasis on current trends. Participants were encouraged to forge connections with partners and exchange information and knowledge of current infectious disease topics.


Continuing Education

Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits are offered through Greater Valley Area Health Education Center (GVAHEC).





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