Office of Infectious Disease Services

Infectious Disease Investigation Manual

This manual was designed to serve as a field guide to assist the local health departments in Arizona with epidemiological investigations of infectious diseases and prevention and control of epidemics. The handbook is divided in to two sections. The first section covers general information on preparing for and conducting epidemiological investigations. The second section includes more specific information on select diseases that typically occur in Arizona. A concise section was also included on bioterrorism because of the importance of initiating a rapid response. Information on all reportable diseases, including those not discussed in this manual, is located in the ADHS Case Definition for Public Health Surveillance.

Section I - General Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation Information


Section II - Outbreak Investigation and Response Procedures for Select Infectious Agents


Foodborne/Waterborne Illnesses

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Instructions for Collecting Nasopharyngeal Swab SpecimensPDFd