Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) and Antibiotic Resistance

IIPW Social Media Toolkit

A list of tweets with accompanying links to promote events.

  1. It is Arizona Infection Prevention Week! Stay tuned for tips to prevent infection throughout the week!
  2. Did you know? Hand hygiene is our first defense against infections. Learn more tips at
  3. Prevent infections – use soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers to clean your hands
  4. Remember, when you wash your hands it should last at least 20 seconds. Learn more tips at
  5. Prevent infection at home - wash dishes in hot water and detergent and allow to air dry
  6. Do not share personal items such as towels, wash cloths, razors or bar soap
  7. ALWAYS stay home if you are sick so you don't spread your illness to your coworkers or classmates!
  8. Remember to wash clothes, sheets and towels regularly and use a dryer if available!
  9. When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or shirt sleeve – NOT YOUR HANDS!
  10. Do not take antibiotics if you don't need them - they are not effective for viruses like a cold or flu
  11. Know the signs and symptoms of common infections so you can better prevent and recognize them:
  12. Always wash your hands! Ask your doctors, nurses and visitors to do so too. For tips:
  13. Prevent infection by cleaning household surfaces with a cleaner that kills germs – and read the label!
  14. Help stop infections. Please avoid preparing food for others if you are ill and visit for more prevention tips.
  15. Know your medications. Keep a current medication list. Share it with your doctor at every visit.
  16. Be smart when taking antibiotics. Take all your antibiotics. Antibiotics don't work for a cold or flu.
  17. Infection prevention is possible. Learn more during #IIPW2015
  18. What role can patients play in infection prevention? Learn more during #IIPW2015
  19. Learn more about the important work of infection preventionists in keeping patients safe during #IIPW2015