Arizona Sanitarians' Council


Welcome to the Arizona Sanitarians' Council home page. The Council was created to establish standards for persons employed as sanitarians in Arizona and to provide for the examination of applicants for registration as sanitarians. The Council is located within the Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control Services. To learn more about the Council and how to register as a sanitarian in Arizona, please explore our web page.

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The Arizona Sanitarians' Council values your partnership and your time. In an effort to be more efficient, we are changing the system we use to communicate health related information to you. This list will be used for announcements and updates; it will not replace but will enhance the person to person contact you have come to expect. Registering for this email communication will allow us to keep you up to date on information that supports your efforts to improve the health of all Arizonans.

To add yourself to this list please do the following:

  • Visit the ADHS Communications sign up page
  • Enter your email address and click "Continue"
  • Click the box next to "Arizona Sanitarians Council"
  • Feel free to choose additional topics you would like to receive info on from ADHS

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