Pesticide Poisoning Prevention Program


The Pesticide Poisoning and Prevention Program program, as part of the Office of Environmental Health's Children's Environmental Health Program, works to reduce the incidence of pesticide exposures and pesticide-related illnesses by educating the public about potential situations that may lead to exposure and subsequent adverse health effects.

The main component of the program is the Pesticide Poisoning Surveillance Registry, which tracks pesticide exposures and illnesses throughout the state. Health care professionals are required by statute to report pesticide-provoked illnesses to this registry. Individuals who are concerned that they may have a pesticide-provoked illness may also submit a report. The reported information is used to characterize disease patterns.

Program staff provide phone consultations and informational literature on pesticides and their potential effect on human health.

This office does not provide emergency medical advice on pesticide poisoning. For emergency medical advice, contact the Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center, 1-800-222-1222.