Brownfields/Land Reuse Program

Site Tool

ADHS is using the ATSDR Brownfield Site Tool to create a database of Brownfield and Land Re-use sites around Arizona, and will introduce the ATSDR Brownfield Site Tool to other agencies working on brownfields. ADHS will use the tool to create an interactive online map of sites around Arizona.

Brownfields/Land Reuse MapsPDF

The tool helps to create an inventory of sites. It is a place to store records and contains a catalogue of contaminants at a site with ability to upload multiple contaminants; violations, spills, and emergency response events related to the property; reported health concerns; and institutional controls.

The Screening Tool allows rapid site assessment and screening to assess the need for public health involvement. Any brownfield/land re-use site may be screened. The tool may have multiple users, such as health departments, regulatory agencies, planners, financial institutions, developers.

It is important to note that some sites included in the database may have been "withdrawn" or determined to be "clean" after initial investigations. Sites are considered for participation in brownfield programs for a variety of reasons. An investigation may have occurred simply to rule out any potential issues.