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HIV Prevention Program

Community Planning

HIV Prevention Planning Group of AZ

Decisions about the use of HIV prevention funding in the state are made using a community planning process. HIV Prevention Community Planning operates in many forms nationwide, with each community planning group working with its state health department and following the HIV Prevention Community Planning Guide, a document produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Community Planning is a way for concerned individuals to assist the State in putting the themes of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy into action for those living with or at increased risk for HIV.

Arizona has a statewide group, the HIV Prevention Planning Group of Arizona (PPGA), which is tasked with reviewing the overall situation facing HIV prevention efforts in the state and making recommendations on how best to best use the prevention funding Arizona receives from the CDC. The membership of the PPGA works with the health department on a funding cycle, with a variety of tasks that depend on timing during the cycle; tasks include assessing community resources and using scientific and community data for prioritizing the populations most at risk for HIV. All meetings are open to the public. For more information on membership, meeting times and locations, please call (602) 364-3883.

Prior to 2005 the state had three separate planning groups that served the northern, central and southern regions. Regional HIV prevention activities and contact points still exist. If you are interested in reaching community planning members or planning HIV prevention activities, please contact the PPGA's state co-chair at the number above. The PPGA also works in collaboration with other groups: independent statewide task forces that address issues relating to HIV/AIDS for American Indians, Blacks and Latinos/as. Referrals to these groups are available through the community planning contact.

The following links and documents are useful for understanding HIV Prevention Community Planning in general and Arizona activities in greater detail.