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Falls Prevention Information and Resources

Unintentional Falls Infographic
Unintentional Falls Infographic
Images: Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System Data and Quality Assurance Section Maureen Brophy, MPH

Falls cause significant burden to older Arizonans, to Arizona, and our healthcare system. Annually, preventable falls are costing lives, causing disability and loss of independence.

Many falls are predictable and preventable. It is possible to assess someone's risk for falls through established risk factors and physiological assessment. Targeting and modifying risk factors in those at high risk for falls has been shown to reduce their risk, injuries and number of subsequent falls. Comprehensive, multifactorial falls prevention has promise of reducing healthcare costs, maintaining independence and avoiding disability.

Activity is an essential component of comprehensive, multifactorial falls prevention as it builds balance, strength, stamina and coordination. The Arizona Department of Health Services Injury Prevention has recently published the Injury Surveillance and Prevention Plan for the State of Arizona (2006-2010) providing data describing the State's burden for falls.

Prevent Falls at Home

There are several things you can do to reduce your risk, and it starts at home. Reducing clutter and tripping hazards around your home will greatly reduce the risk of a fall. Showers and tubs without slip resistant mats, poorly lit rooms, cords and wires, and unsecured throw rugs can all increase your risk for a fall. It does not have to be expensive to create a safer home. Below is a list of ten things you can buy for less than $20 that will lower your risk for a fall.

  • Shower or bathtub mat
  • Grab Bars for your shower or tub
  • Non-slip bathtub strips   
  • Velcro strips to secure electrical cords      
  • Non-slip safety grip pad for rugs     
  • Motion sensor sight light        
  • Slip resistant socks    
  • Non-slip tape (skid tape for stairs)         
  • Raised toilet seat     
  • Wheelchair seatbelt

HACN Information

Currently, the HACN supports meetings of the Governors Council on Aging's (GACA), Social, Health, and Alzheimer's Committee's (SHAC), Falls Prevention Subcommittee (FPSC), who is working towards falls prevention and meets the first Thursday of the month in person and via web meetings in the interim.