Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Response Plans

Thank you for taking an interest in the Public Health Emergency Response Plans of the Arizona Department of Health Services. Use the links below to access our plans.

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  • ADHS Suspicious Substance Guidelines
    This plan details the recommended procedures to ensure coordination between law enforcement, public health officials and first responders in response to and management of suspected terrorism/suspicious substance incidents.
  • Arizona Pandemic Influenza Response Plan
    This plan is an all-encompassing, detailed public health response plan to a pandemic influenza event. Highlights include; surveillance and epidemiology, laboratory diagnostics, infection control, clinical guidelines, public health communications and pandemic influenza information management.
  • ADHS Public Health Volunteer Coordination Plan, December 2013, Version 1.1
    The purpose of this plan is to establish a statewide approach to effectively facilitate the use of volunteers in local, tribal, state, and federal emergency responses. This plan supports the Arizona Emergency Systems for Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (AZ ESAR-VHP) and promotes coordination with other volunteer health professional and emergency preparedness entities to support the employment of health professionals and lay volunteers.
  • Flooding Response Plan
    The ADHS Flooding Response Plan provides the concept of operations about the various responsibilities of the health department, that include; providing technical assistance and resources in public health matters such as safe food and water, proper sanitation, and communicable disease prevention.
  • Wildfire Emergency Response Plan
    The ADHS Wildfire plan defines what ADHS’s roles and responsibilities are during Arizona’s wildfire season or in the event of a specific wildfire event. It details ADHS’s management of the response that includes air and water quality, waste cleanup and behavioral health issues.
  • Heat Emergency Response Plan
    The ADHS Heat plan provides educational information and resources, along with appropriate protection and interventions to the citizens and visitors of Arizona; it also details what ADHS’s role and response would be during an extended heat-related event.
  • Radiological Emergency Response Plan
    This plan provides the guidance for healthcare and public health professionals responding to a radiological event. This document goes into great detail describing radioactive materials, protective measures, sheltering guidelines, along with patient management, decontamination and transportation.

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise indicated.