Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Crisis Standards of Care Online Workshop

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) invites you to participate in a public health engagement session. This online survey seeks to provide a "community conversation" about the national concept of Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) - a framework for catastrophic disaster response, so the public can better understand why, when, and how CSC guidelines may become necessary to protect the health wellness of Arizonans. Your perspectives on the dilemmas involved in shaping statewide guidelines about allocating scarce medical resources during a crisis situation will be shared with State Public Health CSC Planning Team.

The information you provide will help public health officials understand what values are important to you and on what issues people differ. The goal is NOT to reach consensus or agreement. Instead, the opinions and concerns raised by your feedback will ensure that any final crisis standards of care guidelines accurately reflect, as much as possible, the views of the community about what is as fair and ethical as possible.

Crisis Standards of Care Community Engagement Sessions - Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)PDF

If you have additional questions or comments feel free to contact us via email at: partner.integration@azdhs.gov