Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) Project

"Developing a Comprehensive and Compassionate Response"


The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (BPHEP) conducted a workshop on January 24, 2013 to initiate Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) plan development for the State of Arizona.

The Arizona CSC plan development project is a 12-month initiative that will involve input from a wide variety of partners including health care facilities, emergency management, legal and ethical experts, emergency medical services, public safety and many more. The purpose of this collaborative effort is to improve preparedness for all Arizonans by establishing clear and concise protocols to follow in the event of a catastrophic emergency. This planning initiative will be guided by an interdisciplinary group of experts throughout the State, as well as federal guidance from the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

Planning efforts will be guided by the following five elements:

  1. Strong ethical grounding
  2. Integrated and ongoing community and provider engagement
  3. Necessary legal authority and environment
  4. Clear triggers, indicators, and lines of responsibilities
  5. Evidence based clinical processes and operations

This topic is challenging by nature, but through collaboration and consensus building with stakeholders and the general public, we can develop a fair and equitable system for delivering care during the most serious disasters and public health emergencies.

Arizona Crisis Standards of Care Plan Development Project Timeline
DateProject Stage
January 24, 2013 Initial Planning Workshop
June 27, 2013 Mid Planning Workshop
July 17, 2013

Clinical Workgroup

Legal/Ethical Workgroup

October 10, 2013 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Workgroup
October 11, 2013 Clinical Workgroup
November, 2013 - January, 2014

Public Comment and Engagement Meetings-PresentationPDF

AZ CSC In Person PE Sessions Survey-Hard CopyPDF

December 4, 2013 Legal/Ethical Workgroup
January-March, 2014 Online Public Comment and Engagement Survey
February 26, 2014 Final Planning Workshop
April, 2014 Draft Plan Development
May, 2014

Legal and Ethical Review

Plan Finalization

Summer, 2014 Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

Additional Resources