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Arizona Healthcare Coalitions

AzCHER Southern Healthcare Coalition

southeastern arizona healthcare coalition map


To improve all-hazard medical response for the region through support of the healthcare organizations, providers and regional partners by facilitating all-hazards planning, coordinated exercises and real-event response during the mitigation, response and recovery phases.


The Southern Healthcare Coalition consists of six counties (Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Santa Cruz, Pima, and Yuma) which focus on preventive health and emergency preparedness. This metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is 28,643 square miles, and serves about 1,430481 Arizonans. This geographic area includes:

  • Two major interstates
  • Fifteen hospitals
  • Three international border counties
  • One large university and several community colleges with a diverse race and ethnicity concentrated around the university community
  • Several tourist destination

3 Regional HVA (Hazard Vulnerability Assessment) Key Priorities

  • Severe Weather
  • Fire
  • Flooding

Preparedness Objectives

  • Identify mitigation strategies in response to hazards
  • Promote training and exercising at the local and regional level
  • Identify and capitalize on regional strengths
  • Identify shortcomings of critical resources
  • Develop and maintain regional healthcare plan

Response Objectives

  • Facilitate information sharing to promote situational awareness
  • Facilitate resource support through the mutual aid process
  • Facilitate the coordination of incident response actions for members
  • Promote interaction with multijurisdictional authorities