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Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness

About the Bureau

  • ADHS Bureau of Public Health Emergency Preparedness
  • Electronic Disease Surveillance Program
  • Education and Preparedness Training
  • Arizona Health Alert Network
  • Preparedness and Planning
  • Risk Communication and Public Information

The Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response was created to detect and respond to natural or intentional disease events. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is the program mission to ensure that the public health system of Arizona is prepared for public health emergencies.

Arizona Health Alert Network

Welcome to the website for the Arizona Health Alert Network (AZHAN). AZHAN is part of the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, and was established as part of the efforts to enhance the public health response capabilities for the State of Arizona. This Program was created to address the communications needs associated with both public health response and daily operational sharing of information for planning and disease surveillance. AZHAN serves as a communications network between State and local public health agencies, healthcare providers, hospitals, and emergency management organizations. The Health Alert Network was designed around six major objectives:

  • Redundant Communications
    Developing systems that add redundancy as well as daily use, without duplication of existing response systems.
  • Integrated Development
    No stand alone systems. All development is integrated within public health and with other response partners.
  • Secure Communications
    Recognizing the need for secure communications within the public health community.
  • Outreach
    Recognizing and aiding communications with public audiences for response efforts and risk communication.
  • Collaboration
    Facilitating statewide collaboration for public health preparedness in areas of planning and information sharing.
  • Response Needs
    Prepare for varied levels of scaled public health response with the development of tracking systems and alternative communication mechanisms.

These six objectives have led to the development of many projects to address response communications and information sharing. Among them, include:

  • Satellite Downlink Network - For the receipt of public health broadcasts for distance learning and response activities
  • SIREN Development - Secure web-based collaboration and alerting network to support response and disease surveillance applications.
  • Satellite-Based Response Equipment - Portable response equipment for remote clinic operations and remote emergency operations center.
  • Satellite Internet Communications - Coordinated redundant satellite Internet connections for local public health and hospitals.
  • Strategic National Stockpile Inventory Tracking - Response application to address the management of inventory and tracking of patients.
  • Telehealth – Video Conferencing Network - Coordinate with local public health to utilize telehealth for statewide trainings, planning, and emergency communications.

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