Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Control Program

STD Reports


State statutes and administrative rules require that Arizona county health departments investigate and report new cases of designated sexually transmitted disease (STD). Statutes and administrative rules mandate that these designated STDs be reported by health care providers to the counties and by laboratories to the state. These data are then used:

  • to perform epidemiologic analysis to gauge and report on the burden of STD on the citizens of Arizona;
  • detect outbreaks;
  • determine the populations at most risk for STD to target limited resources for education and prevention activities;
  • evaluate prevention activities;
  • monitor progress toward achieving the STDCP goals and objectives, performance measures, program improvement plans, and evidence-based action plans.

Reportable STDs include:

To report a disease, visit the Communicable Disease Reporting page.

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  • Selected Statistics
  • Youth Reports
  • Research and Publications

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This page last updated February 13, 2015