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Refugee Health

Resources for Refugees

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Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

  • If you are having a medical emergency, call 911. If you have health problems that are not an emergency, do not call 911. Make an appointment with your doctor or ask your case manager for help.
  • All refugees can receive a full medical exam and vaccinations within the first 90 days of arrival. Please ask your case manager to schedule your appointment.
  • All refugees can receive temporary medical cost assistance through the Refugee Medical Assistance Program (RMAP). If you do not have your RMAP card, please call 1-602-542-6644. RMAP coverage will expire 60 days after your arrival date. After RMAP expires, you need to have your own health insurance.
  • In the United States everyone must have health insurance. You can have health insurance with AHCCCS, through your job, or purchased on the health insurance marketplace. If you do not have health insurance, you will be required to pay a penalty. You can begin enrolling in a health insurance plan today at Health-e-Arizona PLUS.
  • Everyone has the right to culturally and linguistically appropriate health services, Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act protects this right. Please ask your case manager for an “I Speak” card to show to health service providers. Information is available on your language access rights and local interpretation service providers.
  • Whenever you visit a new health service provider, be sure to bring a record of your vaccinations, a list of all medications you are taking, and the name of your doctor.
  • You can protect yourself and your loved ones from diseases. Make sure everyone in your family is up to date on vaccination shots. Follow this Family Vaccination Schedule.