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Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease


Chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung disease, cancer, diabetes and asthma are among the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems in Arizona. In 2010 chronic diseases were responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths among Arizonans each year; when combined these chronic diseases were responsible for more than 29,500 deaths in Arizona. The Bureau of Tobacco & Chronic Disease utilizes a coordinated approach to advance policies impacting chronic disease risk factors and burden in Arizona. In 2012 the bureau developed, with the engagement of stakeholders from across Arizona, the Arizona Chronic Disease Strategic Plan:

Arizona Chronic Disease Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Tobacco Free Arizona
Tobacco Free Arizona strives to build individual, group, and community capacities to reduce the impact of commercial tobacco abuse. The goal of Tobacco Free Arizona is to use local and statewide resources, groundbreaking methods, and model national best practices to create a tobacco free future for Arizonans!

Arizona Diabetes Program
The Arizona Diabetes Program provides education and awareness of diabetes and its complications. The program monitors the burden of diabetes and its complications in Arizona, implements programs that address the burden of diabetes and develop partnerships through the Diabetes Coalition.

Arizona Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program
The Heart Disease and Stroke Program (HDSP) aims to increase the cardiovascular health of all Arizonans and decrease the burden of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease through health education.

Arizona Healthy Aging
The Healthy Aging Communication Network (HACN) provides communication tools on vital information, educational and evidence-based programs as resources to key partners, health professionals, the public and policy-makers. HACN members can link to programs that support good health and reduce risk for disability for older adults.

HIV Prevention Program
The HIV Prevention Program has staff that is specialized in several areas of HIV prevention: Community Planning; Program Monitoring and Quality Assurance; Counseling and Testing Services including partner services and rapid test technology; Capacity Building and Community Support; and Evaluation. We provide technical assistance to governmental and tribal agencies as well as community-based organizations and AIDS service organizations.