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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

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As Director of ADHS, I have an opportunity to work on many issues each day. However, I consider it a privilege, and my responsibility, to be able to raise an important issue and provide a suggestion which could improve the health of millions of Americans.

With rising obesity rates in the US and the link between obesity and low-income families, adding nutritional criteria to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly called food stamps, seems like a simple, yet incredibly important improvement. The obesity epidemic in this country makes it critical that we leverage every possible opportunity, including SNAP, to create the behavioral change that we need.

Requiring healthy choices for SNAP would not only assure that the 28 million recipients in the US make healthier choices, it would also serve as a guide to the general public when making their own food choices. It would also encourage food manufacturers to increase the nutritional content of the food so it could be SNAP approved.  It is important that healthy foods are available in all parts of the country, urban and rural, affluent and economically depressed.

Obviously, a change as big as this does not happen quickly or easily, but with enough interest, momentum, and action Arizona can lead the way for a healthier nation.

Check out what we have accomplished so far,

Will Humble

Health Officers Urge Feds to Take Action

In late October, Will Humble and Robert Guerrero attended the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission Meeting in the nation's capital. They took this opportunity to present this innovative proposal to decision-makers from the USDA, HHS and even some congressional representatives and staffers..

Will Humble Will Humble Will Humble
Will Humble Will Humble  

Letter to the USDA

Read the letter to the USDA and the Public Health Policy Initiative regarding food stamp program improvements.

New WIC Food Package

Changing the SNAP program would not be the first time Arizona implemented a large-scale improvement to battle the ongoing obesity epidemic. Recently ADHS rolled out a new WIC food package that will allow WIC clients to choose from healthier, more nutritious options.

Read about it here!

Will Humble New Foods
The news conference that introduced the new WIC food package

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