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Baby Steps for Breastfeeding Success

Implementation Plan

How is ADHS implementing the Arizona Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success?

  • All 41 APT certified hospitals will receive an email letter of introduction and invitation to participate. Upon completion of an online survey by the facilities, ADHS will compile documented statistics and vital information and the selection of 20 hospitals will be made to implement the Arizona Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success Initiative.
  • Providing free education and training to hospital administrators and maternity care staff to be presented to each of the 20 implementing hospitals beginning fall of 2010 with completion by September 2011. Training provided by ADHS International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.
  • Az. American Academy of Pediatricians, Az. Perinatal Trust and the Az. American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has pledged support and guidance in assisting ADHS in implementing this initiative and will provide valuable credible justification instruments to present to hospital administrators as needed.
  • Patient education and marketing materials will be made available for facilities that successfully implement the 5 maternity practices, free of charge, to assist in further educating and familiarizing patients of the hospitals' efforts to provide health care measures to improve breastfeeding success and duration.
  • Technical assistance and model policies for Hospital Administrators will be available to assist with hospital policy changes.
  • ADHS will evaluate progress after training and technical assistance has been provided to all 20 participating hospitals. Completion of this evaluation shall take place by Dec. 2011.
  • ADHS will provide opportunities to market their successes through the Arizona Department of Health Service Website.