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Recently Completed Rulemaking

This rulemaking was completed within the last 12 months. See Completed Rulemakings for all completed rulemakings. See Rulemakings in Progress for rulemakings that are not yet completed.

Abortion Clinics Rulemaking (Exempt)

On April 12, 2012, the Governor signed HB 2036 (Laws 2012, Ch. 250), which changes requirements for abortion clinics. HB 2036 was effective on August 2, 2012. Laws 2012, Ch. 250, gives the Arizona Department of Health Services (Department) exempt rulemaking authority to amend the rules for abortion clinics until August 2, 2014. The Department has drafted rules that delete unnecessary and obsolete provisions, address technical changes, and comply with Laws 2012, Ch. 250.

Rulemaking Documents

Note: Information provided in PDF files.