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Office of Administrative Counsel & Rules

Administrative Counsel

The Office of Administrative Counsel provides in-house legal support to the Director, Deputy Directors, and Executive Team and acts as a liaison between the Department and the Attorney General's Office.

The Office responds to management and staff inquiries, conducts necessary research, and provides advice to assist in resolving issues affecting the Department. Other key activities include:

  • Provides oversight of administrative hearing cases;
  • Issues of Director decisions;
  • Issues appealable agency actions;
  • Issues contested cases with Notices of Hearing;
  • Issues Notices of Intent to Waive Hearing;
  • Issues confirming orders;
  • Grants extensions of investigations requested by the Office of Grievance and Appeals, Behavioral Health Services;
  • Acceptance of service of subpoenas, lawsuits, complaints, and claims, and coordinating responses through production of records, correspondence, and coordinating with Attorney General's Office and the respective programs; and
  • Reviews and assists in drafting proposed legislation.

Information regarding Public Records Requests, HIPAA, Human Subject Review Board, and Record Retention and Disposition Schedules are included in the Administrative Counsel Privacy section.