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Medical Electronic Disease Surveillance Intelligence System (MEDSIS)



MEDSIS is an electronic system to help control disease in Arizona. Health care providers may use MEDSIS to report cases of disease by  computer to their local health department. State and local health departments see this information instantly. MEDSIS protects confidential information. This is a high priority. Only selected individuals can see this information.

Health care providers in Arizona began reporting cases of disease by mail to public health over 70 years ago. Public health uses this information to prevent spread of disease by:

  • Finding and treating people in contact with an ill person;
  • Finding and controlling disease outbreaks; and
  • Tracking changes in disease trends.

Public health tells health care providers of changing trends and outbreaks. Public health targets prevention, makes policy, and allots resources with this information. The end goal is to protect the health of people in Arizona.

MEDSIS improves our public health and preparedness. There are many gains to moving from paper reporting to an electronic system. Better information is available for a quicker response. MEDSIS comes at a vital time. New diseases and the threat of bioterrorism are realities in today's world. Arizona will quickly detect these threats with MEDSIS and protect the health of Arizonans.