Information for Local Health Departments

Case Definition Manual

The Case Definition Manual is a guide designed for County Health Departments and Local Health Agencies in order to facilitate case identification and reporting of disease. Agencies should forward all reports of probable and confirmed cases meeting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) case definitions to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).

Measles is a reportable disease in Arizona. The Arizona Administrative Code, R9-6-202 and R9-6-204, requires providers and laboratories to report cases or suspect cases of measles within 24 hours. The Arizona Administrative Code, R9-6-206 requires local health agencies to report cases or suspect cases of measles within 24 hours.

Measles Investigation Forms

All cases of measles are interviewed to confirm diagnosis and to collect any information of potential exposures. Local Health Departments use the CDC's Measles Investigation FormPDF to investigate potential cases of measles reported to the health department.

Infectious Disease Outbreak Investigation and Management

Please refer to the Infectious Disease Outbreak and Investigation Management page for more information regarding the reporting of outbreaks.