Submission Reporting

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All AIDS, Serology and Center for Disease Control (CDC) submission forms are available from the Receiving Department (602) 542-1190.


One form must accompany each specimen that is submitted. Due to the confidentiality and anonymity of AIDS testing at the State Lab, DO NOT write the patient’s name on the submission form. The red ID number (upper left corner of form) is the reference number the submitting agency will need when calling into the lab. Make sure that the agency code and address of the submitting agency is included or a delay in sending out a copy of the results will occur. Verify that the red ID number on the specimen correctly matches the HIV submission form; otherwise the specimen will be rejected.


One form must accompany each specimen submitted. Please fill in the top portion of the form for patient information. The more information provided, the better we can perform the requested tests. Fill in the submitting agency information (agency code, address, phone number and a doctor or contact person) to avoid a delay in receiving the results.


A Serology submission form for any specimen that needs to be forwarded to the CDC or is sent by special arrangement for testing should be filled out as completely as possible. The CDC requests additional information (date of specimen collection, date of onset, treatment with drugs, symptoms, travel, immunization, etc.) for their testing, so please supply the information needed to avoid a delay of results.

Reporting Results

The turn-around time for the serological tests that are performed is approximately 2-5 working days from the time the specimen is received at the State Public Health Lab. Some tests are performed daily and some are performed weekly. Once the specimen testing is completed (for all tests requested on the submission form), ONLY the submitting agency will receive a computer print-out of test results for that specimen. The turn-around time for the lists of serological tests provided reflects the amount of time for a negative result. Due to the variables that might occur (additional testing needed, confirmation of positive results, no submitting agency code, etc.) the turn-around time may be longer than the 2-5 working days.

The turn-around time for the specimens that are forwarded to the CDC (Atlanta or Ft. Collins) depends solely on the CDC’s schedule. If you need to find out the status of a specimen that was forwarded to the CDC, or of any specimen sent to the Arizona State Serology Lab please contact the Serology Department.