Clinical Laboratory Certification


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  • CLIA Certification Certificates are now available.
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The Clinical Laboratory Program, regulates all laboratory testing (except research) performed on humans, under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA)

CLIA is the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and is regulated by the federal government through the state agency, the regional office and the central office.

A laboratory may apply for a CLIA certificate through the Office of Laboratory Licensure and Certification (OLLC), CLIA Program. Call (602) 364-0738, or write to 250 N. 17th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007-3231.

Payments are sent to:

  • CLIA Laboratory Program
  • P.O. Box 530882 Atlanta, GA
  • 30353-0882

Checks should be made out to CLIA Laboratory Program and should include the CLIA number on the check to ensure that the payment is applied to the correct account. Do not send payments to the state. Payments may also be made online at

Contact OLLC at (602) 364-0738 or Denise Barbeau for a change of ownership, director, or address, or to request an application.

Note: Arizona does not currently have state licensure for clinical laboratories and does not license clinical laboratory testing personnel and phlebotomists.