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Office of Newborn Screening

Ordering Supplies

Our office provides specimen collection kits (bloodspot cards) in quantities to last approximately three months at no cost to you. Additionally, all brochures, fact sheets, and other training materials are available to order or download free of charge.

Testing & Screening

Newborn screening collection kits and other supplies can be ordered by submitters at no charge to them. Remember that kits expire and cannot be tested past the expiration date (found above the circles for blood on the filter paper portion of the kit). Please do not order more specimen cards than can be used promptly. Always check to be sure that the kits have not expired before using. Store kits on end, not stacked flat so that the filter paper is not compressed by the weight of kits on top of them.

When ordering testing and screening supplies, please keep the following in mind:

  • Linked kits and pink envelopes are sent to hospitals only.
  • The first specimen is collected on the top kit marked 1 and the bottom kit marked 2 is placed in the pink envelope and sent home with the baby. Parents should be instructed to bring this kit to their first doctor's appointment.
  • Supplemental kits are single kits which can be used for any screen. Above the baby's name field in the top left part of the form are check boxes to indicate what type of screen is being submitted. Please be sure to mark this area when using a supplemental kit. There are some supplemental kits circulating without the check boxes. Please note the type of specimen submitted on these forms and the disorder to be tested if it is a recall screen.
  • White envelopes are used for mailing specimens to the State Lab. Up to 4 kits can be sent in each envelope. Submitters who use a courier or FedEx will not need these envelopes.
  • Hospitals can arrange for FedEx pickups paid for by the Office of Newborn Screening by calling the State Lab Receiving Department at 602-542-1190 or email us.


The following brochures can be orderedPDF by health care professionals at no charge for distribution to your patients:

These guidelines are also available for order in limited quantities:

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets can be downloaded and printed: