Office of Newborn Screening

Healthcare Providers

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The goal of CCHD screening of newborns is to identify those with structural heart defects usually associated with hypoxia in the newborn period that could have significant morbidity or mortality early in life with closing of the ductus arteriosus or other physiological changes early in life. Read our CCHD Implementation Timeline and a statement from the Assistant Bureau Chief Ward Jacox.

The success of the Newborn Screening program depends on the coordinated efforts of many health professionals. Medical Home and/or other Healthcare Professionals are generally responsible for: ordering the screening tests for newborn infants in their care, informing parents about the screening tests, and collection and handling of newborn screening specimens. Practitioners, and/or their contracted laboratories, may collect and send specimens for testing. Practitioners, hospitals and laboratories work together to coordinate timely collection and rapid delivery of acceptable newborn screening specimens to the Arizona Public Health Laboratory (State Lab).

Emergency Planning with Patients

  • Healthcare Provider Emergency Preparedness Practices Survey
    We want to support you in your efforts to help families of children with genetic disorders or other special healthcare needs to be prepared for a natural disaster or other emergency. Please take a few minutes to help us understand what you are doing in your practice now related to emergency preparedness for these children. Based on this survey, we will be developing materials to help you assist your patients and their families in the future.
  • Preparedness Checklist for Pediatric Practices

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