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Arizona Loan Repayment Program

Lender/Loan Information

All State Loan Repayment Program contractors must create and maintain a vendor profile in Procure AZ. The vendor profile must reflect the correct lender information to where ADHS will remit quarterly loan repayment. If there are multiple lenders, the contractor may list up to three lenders.

State Loan Repayment Program contractors must notify ADHS immediately when the following changes to their lender or loan information occur:

  • Change in the lender’s name, address, and/or account number
  • Anticipated balance in the loan account is less than the scheduled quarterly payment issued by ADHS

Upon notification, ADHS will execute a contract amendment to reflect the new changes in the contract. The ADHS Procurement will issue the contract amendment to the contractor for signature and will provide instructions to the contractor to update the lender information under the “Remit To” tab in the Procure AZ website. To update the lender information in Procure AZ, please refer to page 5 of the vendor registration guide.

For help on how to navigate Procure AZ, please contact the Procure AZ Help Desk at (602) 542-7600 and press option 3.

ADHS will not disburse payments to the new lender until the contract amendment is fully executed and the lender information in Procure AZ has been changed.

If the contractor fails to notify ADHS of the lender/loan information change, payment will be issued to the original approved lender. This may result in a significant delay in remitting payment to the correct lender.