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First Things First Early Childhood Therapist Incentives Programs

Award and Stipend Amounts

An applicant may be eligible for Loan Repayment, Stipend, or both depending on the zip code(s) where the therapist will provide service.

The award amounts will be based on the therapist's total loan indebtedness. The award is in addition to the compensation package offered by the employer. Awards are subject to the availability of funding.

Loan Repayment Award Distribution
Loan Repayment Program
Eligible Therapists
1st Year of Service 2nd Year of Service
Physical Therapist Up to $17,500 Up to $17,500
Speech/Language Pathologist Up to $12,500 Up to $12,500
Occupational Therapist Up to $12,500 Up to $12,500
Psychologist Up to $12,500 Up to $12,500
Mental Health Specialist Up to $6,250 Up to $6,250

Note: The Loan Repayment award amount can only be used to pay qualifying educational loans.

Stipend Amounts
Sign on Bonus 12 Month Service Completion 24 Month Service Completion
$3,000 $6,500 $9,500