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Community Development Program


  • Need Assessments - Grant technical assistance to communities to conduct needs assessments and evaluate community readiness to develop and/or expand health care centers.
  • FQHC Technical Assistance - Offer technical assistance to communities applying for the HRSA Health Center Planning Grant or the HRSA Health Center New Access Point grant. Please note that the CDP cannot help write, review or submit your grant application.
    • The CDP can assist grant applicants with letters of support as well as data and maps to strengthen their applications. To request a letter of support, data or maps for your grant application, please contact Cielo Mohapatra.
    • Need for Assistance Worksheet (NFA) is a required part of HRSA's New Access Point grant application and is provided as a free resource by the Bureau of Health Systems Development. You can find current NFAs for each primary care area in Arizona in the designations mapper or you can request an NFA for your area by completing the NFA request form and submitting it to Cielo Mohapatra.