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Arizona Nutrition Network (AzNN)

The Arizona Nutrition Network (AzNN) is an ongoing program of the Arizona Department of Health Services that promotes health and nutrition to people who are participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or who are eligible to participate, using a variety of social marketing methods.

Together with statewide partners, including health departments, Native American tribes, school districts, food banks and non-profit agencies, AzNN also provides nutrition education and healthy living tips through statewide campaigns, informational materials and its website: www.eatwellbewell.org

AzNN uses various social marketing approaches to spread the word about the role healthy, well-balanced diets and active lifestyles play in reducing the risks of chronic disease. AzNN's ongoing social marketing campaigns spread consistent, targeted messages in engaging formats based on research and testing. The goal of AzNN's social marketing activities is to encourage and prompt people to make behavioral changes that will result in positive outcomes.