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Arizona Integrated Models of Care in Behavioral Health and Primary Care Forum

January 2011

The Arizona Department of Health Services joined with the Milbank Memorial Fund to sponsor a forum on January 25 and 26 in Chandler, AZ, for policy makers in both the mental health and community health center fields. One of the authors of the recent Milbank Foundation report: Evolving Models of Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care, Denise Levis Hewson, and Michael Lancaster, Director of Behavioral Health Care, Community Care of North Carolina were key note speakers.

This report offers an approach to meeting the unmet needs of the millions of Americans suffering from mental illness and substance abuse: the integration of primary care and behavioral healthcare. The report summarizes the available evidence and states' experiences around integration as a means for delivering quality, effective physical and mental healthcare. For those interested in integrating care, it provides eight models that represent qualitatively different ways of integrating/coordinating care across a continuum - from minimal collaboration to partial integration to full integration - according to stakeholder needs, resources, and practice patterns. Also featured at the forum were local models of integration, lessons learned and challenges for the future.

Read the full report from the Milbank Memorial Fund:
Evolving Models of Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care

forum attendees
Forum participants included healthcare policy makers from around the state,
Milbank Memorial Fund representatives, and ADHS senior leadership

Below are the presentations from the event in Chandler: