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Managing for Excellence Program

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

The purpose of a health improvement plan is to utilize the results of the Community Health Assessment (CHA) to create a plan designed to improve the health of Arizonans. The planning and implementation process is community-driven and can be used to set public health priorities, and direct the use of resources. As part of this effort, ADHS partnered with the counties to develop county level health improvement plans.

County Level Health Improvement Plans

The Managing for Excellence Program (MEP) has partnered with each of the county health departments to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA). The purpose of the CHA is to learn about the health status of Arizona's population. The CHA is a collaborative process of collecting and analyzing data from the community and information from a variety of sources.

State Level Health Improvement Plan

The Managing for Excellence Program (MEP) is preparing to conduct a State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) which is one of the three PHAB accreditation prerequisites. The results of the State Health Assessment (SHA), along with our partner input, will drive the development of a comprehensive State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) that will assess resources and capacity to address prioritized health issues.