Office of Border Health

U.S. - Mexico Diabetes Border Project


The U.S./Mexico Border Diabetes Project is a five-year collaborative team effort attempting to determine prevalence of diabetes in the border region, develop binational prevention and control programs for diabetes, and respond to the needs of the border population.

Project Purpose

To diminish the impact of diabetes of the border population by conducting activities in two related and chronological phases:

  1. Development of a prevalence study
  2. Development of an implementation program for diabetesprevention


Households and individuals given the opportunity to participate will be chosen at random by computer. Selection will be monitored closely in the Douglas, Arizona area in order to avoid over-lap of the previous study in reference to the current binational investigation. The main areas selected in Arizona include, Yuma, Wellton, Willcox, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Nogales, and Tucson.Lay Health workers will interview selected residents and will take their anthropometric measures as well as a blood draw, all of which are used to diagnose diabetes.


Local: The Arizona Department of Health Services/Office of Border Health will coordinate activities with the support of the County Health Departments and Local Health Agencies.

National: Pan American Health Organization will coordinate activities with support of the Project's Executive Committee which, at the same time is composed of two Committees (Scientific and Intervention Advisory).

International: A binational coordinator is in charge of synchronizing activities, with Mexican and U.S. Coordinators who will oversee domestic activities.