Office of Border Health

Border Infectious Disease Surveillance (BIDS)

What is BIDS?

The Border Infectious Disease Surveillance Project is a binational surveillance system for infectious diseases along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Arizona BIDS project is housed in the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Office of Border Health (OBH). Some of the overarching accomplishments of the BIDS project have been:

  • Establishing a network of sentinel clinic and hospital sites throughout the border region which participate in active surveillance for syndromes of infectious disease
  • Integrating case notification into existing state and national reporting systems rather than creating an additional parallel system
  • Enhancing epidemiology and surveillance capabilities
  • Enhancing laboratory diagnostic capacity
  • Bridging partnerships between public health agencies from both countries
  • Sharing complementary experiences in syndromic and laboratory-based surveillance
  • Exchanging BIDS surveillance and other epidemiological data between Mexico and the United States
  • Developing coordinated binational prevention and control strategies